Choosing the perfect blush can seem daunting with all the different shades and finishes available. However, finding your most flattering blush color is easier than you think. In this blog post, we will go over the factors to consider when picking your blush, including skin tone, undertones, and face shape.

One of the first steps in selecting the right blush is considering your natural skin tone. There are typically three main categories to assess – fair, medium, and deep/dark. Fair skin tones usually suit lighter peach, pink, or coral blushes. Medium skin tones suit a wider range of shades from light to dark pinks and berries.

Beyond adding color, blush provides multiple benefits for your look. It emphasizes and shapes the cheeks, making your face appear brighter, lifted, and younger. The right blush placement also helps balance out facial features. Blush minimizes shine from oils and gives skin a smooth, uniform appearance. It acts as the perfect makeup multi-tasker for enhancing your natural beauty in a subtle, healthy way.

In addition to skin tone, another important factor is determining your skin’s undertones – whether they skew warm/yellow or cool/pink. Skin with golden undertones usually looks best with peach, melon, or apricot blushes.