Have you ever wondered what exactly lip gloss is and what gives it that shiny, glossy finish? We will explore everything you need to know about lip gloss, including what it’s made of, its purpose, different types of formulas, benefits, and more. Whether you’re a lifelong lip gloss lover or just curious about the product, by the end you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of lip gloss and how it can enhance your natural lip color and texture.

Lip gloss, also sometimes called lip shine or lip glaze, is a product used to add shine and color to the lips. It has a high-shine, low-pigment formula that gives lips a glossy look without much opacity or color coverage.

The main ingredients in lip gloss that give it its signature slick, moisturizing finish are oils and waxes. Common oils include coconut, jojoba, orange, and vitamin E oils which hydrate and condition lips. Waxes like beeswax create a glossy texture. Lip gloss also contains film-forming polymers that lend a shine to the formula without being greasy. Pigments are used sparingly to enhance the natural color of lips without much coverage. Other ingredients can include flavorings, antioxidants, and preservatives.

While lip gloss can add a hint of translucent color, its main purpose is to give lips an instant shine and glow. The highly reflective and hydrating formula makes lips look naturally fuller and healthier. It enhances the natural lip texture and color instead of fully covering it like lipstick would. It’s meant for a wash of shine rather than opaque pigment. Whether over bare lips or atop lipstick, the gloss gives a finished glossy look that brightens and defines the lip area.

There are several main types of lip gloss formulas to choose from, each with their unique effects: