Luxurious, full lashes can completely transform your look. From classic extensions to volumizing mascara, there are many options to give you the lush lashes of your dreams. This covers everything you need to know about getting picture-perfect lashes. Thick, long lashes create a doe-eyed look and can make your eyes appear larger and brighter. With the right products and procedures, you can get salon-worthy lashes from the comfort of your home or by visiting a specialized salon. Here are some of the reasons why lush lashes have become so popular: Make eyes appear larger and brighter and draw attention to your gorgeous eyes. Waterproof, volumizing mascara is an easy way to achieve longer, thicker lashes. Pair it with an eyelash curler and eyeliner to complete your eye makeup.

One easy way to achieve a lush lash look is by using a volumizing, waterproof mascara. The right mascara can lengthen, define, curl, and plump up natural lashes. When shopping for a mascara to give you lavish lashes, keep an eye out for these features: