Mascara to eyelash extensions is safe to apply if you use a gentle, oil-free formula and apply it sparingly with a light touch. Start at the base of natural lashes and wiggle the wand individually through each lash to avoid damage. Remove mascara carefully with warm water to protect extensions. Eyelash extensions can enhance your natural lashes for a glamorous and wide-eyed look. But what about wearing mascara with extensions? The answer depends on the type of mascara and how it’s applied. Know the best mascaras for eyelash extensions and tips for safe application and removal.

The ideal mascara for extensions is oil-free and contains gentle, conditioning ....

Here are the types of mascara to avoid:

Tube mascaras are not ideal for extensions as the brush can pull lashes during application and removal.

Waterproof formulas are too difficult to remove, requiring vigorous rubbing that may damage extensions over time.

Fiber mascaras work by depositing clumps of tiny fibers onto lashes. The fibers can cling to extensions and be difficult to remove completely.