Lash extensions involve the application of individual synthetic hairs that are carefully bonded onto your natural lashes one by one. This process takes great skill and time from a lash technician. Once applied, extensions are meant to give you gorgeous volume and length for 2-4 weeks without any additional products needed. But mascara isn’t always so kind to these delicate enhancements. Its tugging bristles, drying film, and stubborn removal can all potentially damage extensions over time through pulling, weighing down, or breaking adhesive bonds. When you consider the cost and effort that goes into a full set, you’ll want to prioritize long-lasting wear. Whether you’re a lifelong user of lash extensions or just getting them for the first time, you may be wondering can I wear mascara with these fancy falsies, or will it ruin them?

There are a few key reasons why applying mascara to lash extensions can damage them.

The bristles of the mascara wand are designed to grab onto lashes to coat them with pigment. However, this tugging action can easily pull individual lash extensions off your lash line. The extremely delicate bond holding each extension onto a natural lash is no match for the force of a mascara wand.

When mascara dries, it leaves a film behind that adds weight to your lashes. This extra weight can cause extensions to slip lower on the lash or even fall out prematurely.