Cataract surgery removes cloudy lenses and replaces them with artificial ones. Proper eye care during recovery is important, including carefully removing makeup like mascara. The safest way is to use an oil-based eye makeup remover to gently wipe mascara from lashes without rubbing after warming the remover between fingers. It is an outpatient procedure that removes the cloudy lens in your eye and replaces it with an artificial lens. While the procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes, proper care of your eyes during recovery is important. This includes being gentle with your eyes and carefully removing any eye makeup. Mascara removal is especially important after cataract surgery, as improper removal can lead to irritation and infection.

The safest and gentlest product to use for removing mascara after cataract surgery is an oil-based eye makeup remover. Look for removers that are fragrance-free, as scents can further irritate eyes during recovery. Gently apply the remover to a cotton pad and hold it over your lash line for 5-10 seconds before gently wiping away from the inner to outer corners of your eye. Be very gentle, as your eyes will be more sensitive.