Semi-permanent mascara offers weeks of gorgeously fanned, voluminous lashes without daily application. Unlike regular mascara, the formula is applied by a lash technician using a special brush to coat each hair, lasting 3-6 weeks without smudges. A primer preps lashes for precisely applied lifting, curling, and tinting mascara, which sets with eyes taped shut. Touch-ups extend their glamorous stay for months, beautifully enhancing natural lashes for weddings and events without daily work. It is revolutionizing the beauty world with its ability to deliver perfectly fanned and voluminous lashes that last. Unlike traditional mascaras that smudge and fade, semi-permanent options offer eyelash enhancements that can persist for weeks at a time.

It, also sometimes called lash coating or lash lifting, is a salon-only treatment that gives you ultra-dramatic lashes for 3 to 6 weeks. A technician applies a lifting, curling, tinting, and thickening mascara formula to your natural eyelashes using a special tiny brush. This mascara formula is left on the lashes to set, usually for at least 60 minutes, allowing the ingredients to essentially coat each lash hair to plump and define it. The result is your natural lashes, only better no mascara smudges.