A lash lift is a procedure that curls and lifts your natural lashes for a dramatic, wide-eyed look. However, many wonder if it’s okay to apply mascara after a lash lift treatment. Waking up to instantly lifted, curlier lashes seems like a dream, but it’s now a reality thanks to lash lifts. This semi-permanent treatment has quickly grown in popularity as an easy way to glam up the eyes with minimal effort.  From when you can start using mascara after a lift to the best formulas to opt for, keep reading for tips to help your lash lift look last as long as possible with the perfect enhancing coat of mascara. This post will discuss whether you can wear mascara when to wait to apply it, and tips for application and removal.

Most lash technicians recommend waiting at least 24 hours after your lash lift before applying any mascara. This allows time for the perming solution used in the process to fully dry. Applying mascara too soon runs the risk of chemicals in the mascara interfering with the perm solution and causing your lifted lashes to drop prematurely.

In general, yes it is alright to wear mascara once your lash lift has fully set after 24 hours. Mascara can help enhance the look of fuller, lifted lashes.