Wear mascara is safe after 48 hours of getting a lash lift or tint, as long as a gentle, non-waterproof formula is used. The 48-hour waiting period allows solutions from enhancement procedures to be fully processed before applying mascara. Opt for water-based or oil-free mascaras to avoid damaging lifted or tinted lashes, and help extensions, lifts, and tints last their full duration between appointments. Whether you recently got a lash tint or lift and are wondering if you can apply mascara, or are considering an eyelash enhancement and want to know if you’ll have to give up your favorite mascara, you probably have questions. This guide will provide tips on wearing mascara with lash lifts and tints.

A lash lift is a procedure that permits your natural eyelashes to stay curled without the use of eyelash curlers. You can wear mascara with a lash lift, but mascara should not be applied until 48 hours after the procedure. The ingredients in mascara can interfere with the perming solution used in the lash lift process. Waiting 48 hours allows the perming solution to set properly so your lifted lashes can better hold a curl. Most lash lift technicians recommend avoiding waterproof mascara altogether with a lash lift. The intense formulations can be too harsh on lifted lashes. After the initial 48-hour period post-lift, aim for soft, gentle mascara formulas.