The purpose of Lift Mascara is to give the eyelashes the shape of an eyelash lift treatment using formulas containing polymers, waxes, and keratin. So that lashes can be gently curled and hold the curl all day without a visit to the salon. Whereas a lash lift uses a solution to permanently change the direction of the lashes for weeks. Mascara only offers a temporary lift through ingredients that shape the lashes like a treatment but wash off. Mascara complements lash lifts very well, adding extra drama, length, and definition to already lifted lashes with different formulas for different lash needs and styles.

Flawless Lashes by Loreta is a favorite of lash lift enthusiasts for complementing treated lashes beautifully. Its patented silicone brush gently separates and defines without unnecessary risks of clumping or pulling. Also containing nourishing camellia leaf extract, it conditions lashes daily for visible improvement.