Do You Put Mascara on Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions aim to give your lashes dramatic length and volume without the daily application of mascara. But mascara can be such a part of our beauty routines that it’s hard to give up.

Have you ever wondered if you’re supposed to wear mascara with lash extensions? This is a common question, as lash extensions aim to enhance your natural lashes but mascara is a go-to for many. Let’s take a look at what happens if you do put mascara on extensions and the general guidelines.

First, it’s important to understand how lash extensions work. Individual synthetic lashes are attached one by one onto your natural lashes, lasting 2-6 weeks before needing replacement or fill-in. This bonding process requires the natural lash to remain undisrupted. Meanwhile, mascara works by coating lashes in a pigmented formula to darken and thicken appearance.

What happens if you put mascara on lash extensions?

If applied incorrectly or in excessive amounts, mascara runs the risk of disrupting the bonding between natural lash and extension. As the mascara dries, it can pull lashes straight which breaks the seal.

It’s also easy for mascara wand bristles to snag or tug on delicate extensions during application. Over time, this repetitive snagging and disruption causes extensions to prematurely fall out, leaving you with sparse lashes 2 weeks into your set.

There are also issues with getting mascara residue buildup on extensions. Just like natural lashes, extensions can become coated, clumped, and weighed down by layers of mascara over time.

This makes them appear messy and heavy rather than full and feathery. It also creates more opportunities for premature removal during regular lash strokes and facial movements throughout the day. Read also more: Red Lipstick Taylor Swift

Are you supposed to put mascara on fake eyelashes?

When it comes to fake, magnetic, or individual false lashes rather than lash extensions, the rules are a bit different. It’s generally recommended to apply a thin, gentle coat of waterproof mascara to the base of false lashes before application. This serves a few purposes:

  • It tints and blends the band of the false lashes to your natural lash line color for a more seamless look. Bright white bands can look unnatural.
  • A thin coating of mascara helps the lash band grip better to your natural lash line for longer wear time. It creates slight roughness for better adhesion.
  • It camouflages any sparse or thin areas between your natural lashes and the band of the false strip that may show through.

However, you don’t want to fully coat and saturate false lashes in mascara like you would regular lashes. Just a light dusting along the band is sufficient. And be sure to use a waterproof formula that won’t transfer, run, or smudge during wear.

Some lash artists may also apply a single thin coat of waterproof mascara to completed lash extension sets for clients who want just a hint of darkening. As long as it’s not heavy-handed, one layer shouldn’t disrupt the bonds.

How do you get mascara off eyelash extensions?

If mascara does accidentally get applied to lash extensions, it’s important to carefully remove it without disrupting bonds. Here are some gentle techniques:

  • Use lash oil or micellar water on a brush or cotton pad. Gently brush along lash lines and wipe away any residue. This dissolves waterproof formulas without harsh rubbing.
  • For tougher mascara that’s dried, dip a clean in your regular eye makeup remover. Twirl it between your fingers to loosen the product, then brush through lashes from root to tip.
  • You can also dampen a with warm water and do the same brushing motion. The heat helps relax fibers for easy removal.
  • As a last resort, dip the tip of a clean wooden or plastic spatula in remover and slide it very carefully underneath mascara on each lash.
  • Whatever method, go slowly and don’t exert too much pressure on extensions. The goal is to dissolve residue, not rubbing.
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry when all appearance of mascara is gone.

It’s best to avoid cotton balls or pads as fibers can potentially snag lashes. Skipping eye makeup altogether for 24 hours after a mascara mishap allows bonds to further re-strengthen.

Can I wear mascara on my bottom lashes with lash extensions?

Wearing mascara on bottom lashes with lash extensions requires even more care and caution than on top lashes. Here are a few tips:

  • Only use a very small amount of waterproof mascara, gently applied with an ultra-thin brush from the roots out.
  • Focus application mainly along the outer 1/3 of the bottom lashes near the tear duct area. Avoid the inner lashes close to the eye as much as possible.
  • Go slowly, working in small sections at a time. It’s easy for wands to touch waterlines with extra products.
  • Check for any smudges or transfers frequently, and wipe away promptly with a cotton pad if needed.
  • Consider removing bottom lash extensions altogether if you want more freedom with mascara here.
  • As an alternative, try a tiny bit of brown or black eyeliner very close to lash roots instead of mascara.

Bottom lashes are smaller and closer to the delicate eye area, which means a greater risk of irritation or lash disruption from mascara. If you do wear it, monitor for irritation and be prepared to remove any stubborn residue carefully. As with top lashes if in doubt, skip mascara for the healthiest extensions.

Final Thoughts

While mascara use with lash extensions is generally not recommended, the occasional light application can be done safely with the right techniques. Waterproof formulas, gentle brushes, and fewer products are key. But it’s always safer to let your extensions shine on their own for maximum lifespan and natural beauty.

Whether wearing mascara with extensions or not, maintaining good lash care practices is important. Gently brush lashes daily with a to spread natural oils along fibers. Consider lash serums to promote growth and strength in between refills as well. Avoid excessively rubbing your eyes.

If you do have a mascara mishap, remove residue promptly but gently without harsh rubbing. Taking short mascara-free periods after any signs of disruption allows bonds to recharge. With a light touch, you don’t have to sacrifice your gorgeous lash look or an expensive lash appointment.

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