Extreme Cat Eye Eyelash Extension – Inspirations & Lash Mapping

We’ll be exploring the captivating eyelash extension style known as the “extreme cat eye”. As the name implies, this look takes the classic flirty cat eye shape to the next level. If you want to radiantly enhance your eyes with vibrant lashes that demand attention, the extreme cat eye is the perfect choice. Let’s dive into learning more about this eye-catching lash extension technique.

What is an Extreme Cat-Eye Lash Extension Style?

The extreme cat-eye lash extension style takes the signature lifted outer corners of the classic cat eye and magnifies the effect. Whereas a standard cat eye style gently angles the outer lashes upwards, the extreme version kicks the flick out to a dramatic outward tilt.

This creates an intensified upturned outer lash line that resembles the piercing gaze of a prowling feline. The inner lashes remain largely unaffected, maintaining their natural curvature. But the outer half of the lid transforms with lashes that stretch skyward in a sharp flick.

Suitable Eye Shape for the Extreme Cat-Eye Style

Not everyone’s eye shape can pull off the ultra-dramatic flair of the extreme cat eye. The best candidates tend to have almond, upturned, or hooded lid shapes. Eyes with deep creases or heavy lids may find the look too exaggerated.

However, skilled lash technicians can often modify the mapping approach for rounder eyes as well. A consultation can determine if this high-impact style highlights or hinders your natural eye structure. With the right specialist, most shapes can sport cat eye beautifully.

Lash Mapping for the Extreme Cat-Eye Style

The key to achieving the extreme cat eye effect lies in strategically mapping the lashes during the application process. Here are a few popular mapping techniques:

A soft yet sultry look

For lighter wearability, concentrate the upward tilt mainly along the outer third of the lid. This carves out definition without venturing too far into fox eye territory.

Stepping out of the box

Map lashes with an increasingly steep flick along the outer half, culminating with the outermost strands arched at nearly a 45-degree angle. This daring look demands attention.

An extreme femme fatale look

Take the outer cat eye to its limit by mapping the outer third of lashes nearly vertically. Pair with heavy eyeliner for a dangerously seductive stare that stops traffic.

How to Create the Extreme Cat-Eye Style

Several approaches can help lash technicians create the distinctive extreme cat eye mapping:

Start with short lengths

Leave the inner lashes their natural short length but gradually increase the length of strands moved outwards. This makes the outer flick appear more dramatic.

Strategic layering

Stack 2-3 lashes together on outer sections to add thickness and intensity to the upturned flair. Avoid layering inward lashes to maintain a natural fade.

Sparse inner mapping

Leave small gaps between inner lashes to allow the eye’s natural curvature to show through. Focus placement density on the outer half.

Guide with eyeliner

Some technicians find it helps to map around existing eyeliner wings drawn along the lash line. Just be sure not to place lashes within the very tip of the wing area.

What are Extreme L-Curl Lashes?

Extreme L curl lashes refer to mink eyelash extensions cut or permed into an ultra-exaggerated L-shaped curl. Whereas a standard L curl angle lashes upward in a relaxed lift, the extreme version kicks the outer flick much farther out and steeply up.

These lashes are specially designed to achieve the signature extreme cat eye mapping look without relying entirely on strategic placement. Their pre-curled dramatic flick makes sculpting the outer upsweep easier and more impactful.

How to Style the Extreme L Curl

Here are some popular mapping techniques using extreme L curl lashes:

Extreme Cat Eye (Fox Eye)

Map the curved base of the extreme L curl lashes tightly along the lash line from the inner to outer corners, allowing the flicks to create a steep upward tilt.

Arrow Lashes

Place single lash extensions individually along the outer lash line, flicks pointing straight outward like arrowheads for a piercing gaze.

Eyeliner Effect

Map small clusters of 2-3 lashes along the outer lash line, flicks hugging and extending a winged eyeliner shape.

Use L or M curl to lift the outer corners

Softer L or M curl lashes can also achieve bend when mapped sparsely along the outer lash line, especially with lightweight eyeshadow or eyeliner on the lid to subtly lift outer corners.

How to Style the Extreme L curl for a Perfect Cat Eye

To achieve an impeccably blended cat eye look using extreme L curl lashes, here are some pro tips:

  • Focus lash placement density on the outer half of the lid, gradually increasing sparseness inward. This draws attention outward.
  • For the most seamless blend, map inner lashes in a soft semi-upward curve that fades into the natural eyelashes.
  • Use individual lashes or short clusters (2-3 lashes) along the outer lash line rather than full strips for precise control.
  • Sweep a lightweight eyeshadow on the upper outer lid to subtly accentuate the cat’s eye shape. Avoid shadows that could weigh lashes down.
  • Lightly line the upper lash line with a dark pencil to conceal lash band gaps and emphasize the flick. Smudge for a soft effect.
  • Curl the natural lashes after application and apply one coat of waterproof mascara to both natural and extension lashes. This ties the look together seamlessly.

With practice maintaining this careful blending technique, extreme L curl lashes can sculpt stunning extreme cat eyes that impress and captivate.

Final Thoughts

The extreme cat eye eyelash extension style takes the classic flirty look and turns it up to 11 with an ultra-dramatic outward tilt to the lashes. Developing mastery of strategic lash mapping and choosing the ideal curl lashes allows lash technicians to transform eyes into uniquely seductive feline shapes.

With preparation and care, anyone can highlight their eyes with this striking eyelash augmentation trend. I hope you now have a better understanding and inspiration for the extreme cat eye technique.

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