How To Remove Tubing Mascara?

Here are the key steps to remove tubing mascara:

  • Wet your lashes and eyelids with warm water. You can use your fingers or soak a cotton pad/ball in warm water.
  • Gently massage your lashes and eyelids. Rub your wet fingers gently along the lash line or hold the soaked cotton pad against your eyelids for 30 seconds.
  • This helps loosen the tubing mascara formula from your lashes. The heat from your skin and water causes the tiny plastic-like tubes to dissolve.
  • Rinse away any loosened tubes with more warm water. You may need to gently wipe with a cotton pad if remnants remain.
  • Avoid harsh rubbing or pulling which could damage delicate lashes. Go slowly with a light touch.
  • For stubborn mascara, you can add a few drops of oil (mineral oil, coconut oil, olive oil) to the cotton pad first before wiping it away.
  • Tubing mascara is designed to wash away cleanly with just water, so there’s no need for makeup remover. Warm water alone usually does the trick.
  • Be patient as tubing formulas are meant to last. It may take 1-2 minutes of soaking/massaging for full removal.

What is tube mascara?

Tube mascara, also known as tubing mascara, is a unique type of waterproof mascara formulation that goes on the lashes as small plastic-like tubes rather than a traditional wet formula. When the tubes are applied to lashes, they coil around each lash to magnify and extend their appearance.

Best tubing mascaras

Some of the best tubing mascaras on the market include:

  • Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara: Provides dramatic volume and length with a comfortable, flexible tubing formula.
  • Buxom Lash Mascara: Makes lashes look 20% thicker and 60% longer within weeks of regular use.
  • Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara: Lengthens and curls without flakes or clumps for a wide-awake look.
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara: Created by a renowned makeup artist, this tubing mascara plumps and intensifies lashes.
  • ModelCo Metallic Whisper Mascara: Infused with light-reflecting pigments for a dramatic eye-opening effect.

Who do tubing mascaras suit?

Tubing mascaras are generally suitable for:

  • For those with sensitive eyes, the tubes wash away cleanly with water, causing less irritation.
  • Contact lens wearers since tubing formulas are less likely to smudge onto lenses.
  • For individuals with oily eyelids, the water-resistant formula won’t run or smudge throughout the day.
  • Anyone wanting long-lasting wear without flakes or removal issues later on.

The best way to take off tubing mascara

The easiest and gentlest way to remove tubing mascara is with warm water. Simply wet your lashes and eyelids, then gently remove any loosened tubes with a cotton pad or ball. No harsh rubbing is needed. Tubing mascara usually breaks down within a minute into tiny black tubes that wash away.

Hot tips for removing tubular mascara

  • Lean over the sink and gently rub lashes with wet (not soapy) fingers to coax tubes away.
  • Soak lashes using a warm compress or tablespoon of warm water over the eye area.
  • For extra-stubborn tubes, add a few drops of oil (e.g. mineral or olive oil) to the cotton round before removing.
  • Go slowly and be patient, as tubing mascaras are designed to last and may take longer to fully dissolve than regular formulas.
  • Avoid rubbing or pulling, which could damage delicate lash follicles. Massaging is your best bet.

How do you remove tubular mascara?

As mentioned above, the best way is to wet your lashes thoroughly with warm water. Lean close to the sink and use wet fingertips or a cotton pad to gently massage and remove any loosened tubes. Go slowly without rubbing or excessive pressure. The heat from your skin and water helps the tubing formula dissolve safely away from lashes.

Is it good for sensitive eyes?

Yes, tubing mascaras are typically well-tolerated for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Since the tiny tubes are rinsed cleanly away with water rather than traditional smudgy formulas, there is less risk of irritation, redness, or stinging. The soft, flexible tubes glide onto lashes smoothly as well. Their waterproof formula also prevents running or smudging onto delicate eyelids.

What does tubing mascara do?

Tubing mascara forms water-resistant tubes around each lash hair upon application. These tubes magnify the appearance of lashes, making them look fuller and more defined. The tubular formula lasts all day without smudging or flaking thanks to its waterproof properties.

Then, it easily dissolves with just warm water, rinsing cleanly away from lashes at removal. Tubing mascara provides drama without the clean-up hassle of regular formulas.

Does oil remove tubing mascara?

While warm water alone usually does the trick, adding a few drops of oil can help break down tubing mascara that has dried completely or is especially stubborn. Gentle, non-comedogenic oils like mineral, coconut, or olive oil work well.

Apply the oil to a cotton pad or ball and hold it on the eyelids for 30 seconds before wiping it away with loosened tubes. The oil helps dissolve the tubular formula without tugging or pulling on delicate lash hairs.

Is it OK to use olive oil to remove mascara?

Yes, olive oil is generally a safe option for removing mascara, including tubing formulations. Its mild properties make it unlikely to cause stinging or irritation in most people. When removing mascara with olive oil, be sure to choose a high-quality, pure olive oil.

Apply it gently to a cotton pad and wipe away, then rinse eyelids thoroughly with lukewarm water. Patch test oil on the inner arm first if concerned about sensitivity. Listen to your eyes’ tolerance and discontinue use if any discomfort arises.

Comparison between tubular and traditional mascaras

Tubular MascaraTraditional Mascara
Forms flexible water-resistant tubes around each lashUses a liquid or cream formula that tends to flake or smudge
Easy removal with just water tubes slide off cleanlyRequires vigorous rubbing or makeup remover for full removal
Less irritating for sensitive eyes and contact wearersMore likely to cause stinging, redness, or smearing on lenses
Won’t transfer, run, or smudgeCan transfer onto eyelids and under the eyes throughout the day
Lasts all day without flakes or clumpingOften needs touch-ups due to flaking or smudging
Provides dramatic volume and definition of lashesRuns risk of clumping or uneven application

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove my tubing mascara?

The gentlest method is to wet your lashes thoroughly with warm water and use wet fingertips or cotton pads to massage and remove any loosened tubes. Avoid harsh rubbing.

How do you get tubing mascara off?

Lean close to a sink filled with warm water. Wet your lashes and eyelids, then gently rub with wet fingers or soak a cotton pad and hold it on your lids for 30 seconds. This helps dissolve the tubing formula for easy removal.

Is tubing mascara difficult to remove?

Not at all – tubing mascaras are specifically designed for simple removal. Warm water alone usually does the trick by breaking down the tubular formula harmlessly from lash hairs. No harsh scrubbing or makeup remover is needed like with regular formulas.

How do you get all the mascara out of the tube?

To ensure you use all the product, stand the tube upside down in a cup of very hot water for a few minutes. This melts any stubborn residues in the tube so they slide out easily when reopened. You can also run the tip of a clean spooly along tube edges.

How do tubing mascaras work?

Upon application, the special tubular formula wraps individual lashes in thin plastic-like “tubes”. These tubes magnify lash appearance while making the formula water-resistant. At removal time, the tubing breaks down cleanly with water and slides away from lashes as miniature black tubes that rinse down the drain.

Final Thoughts

Tubing mascaras offer all the drama of regular formulas with much less hassle. Their flexible tubular technology coats lashes for long-wearing definition while removing easily and safely with just water.

Best of all, tubing mascaras are gentle for sensitive eyes and lenses. If you want waterproof mascara that behaves and is easy to remove, tubing mascara is the novel choice to try.

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