Can You Use Brow Gel As Mascara?

Have you ever wondered if you can use eyebrow products as mascara or vice versa? We will dive deep into the differences between brow gel and mascara while also providing tips on using them interchangeably if needed. Whether you want to thicken sparse eyebrows or darken eyelashes, understanding these products can help you choose the right tool for the job.

Can I Use Mascara As Eyebrow Gel?

While mascara is designed specifically for eyelashes, in some cases it can work in a pinch for eyebrows. The formula of mascara tends to be thicker and waxier than brow gel to hold a curl and define lashes. This texture could clump or look unnatural on eyebrows. Mascara also contains ingredients like keratin that strengthen lashes but aren’t needed for brows.

Some tips if using mascara on brows:

  • Use an old, almost dry mascara wand to avoid excess product
  • Apply in light, feathery strokes instead of brushing through brows
  • Focus on outer edges and sparse areas instead of coating brows fully
  • Expect a bolder, more dramatic brow compared to gel

What Is Eyebrow Mascara?

Eyebrow mascara is a type of tinted brow gel designed specifically for shaping and coloring eyebrows. The formula is thinner and more serum-like than regular eyelash mascara. It adds pigment and sets brow hairs in place for a full yet groomed look.

Brow mascara comes in various shades to match different hair tones like brown, blonde, auburn, and even gray. Some versions have tiny particles that add VOLUME as well as color.

What Is The Difference Between Mascara and Brow Gel?

While mascara and brow gel may seem similar, there are some key differences in their formulas:

  • Texture: Mascara is thicker and more waxy to lift and curl eyelashes. Brow gel is a lightweight, conditioning serum or cream.
  • Brush: Mascara brushes are tapered for precise application to lashes. Brow gel brushes have shorter, tighter bristles to brush through brows without tugging.
  • Pigment: Mascara pigment is black or very dark to show up on lashes. Brow gel comes in shades to match brow hair color in a more natural look.
  • Ingredients: Mascara contains waxes, polymers, and keratin to coat and strengthen lashes. Brow gel condition brows with ingredients like vitamins, peptides, and moisturizers.

Are There Different Types Of Brow Mascara?

Yes, there are a few different types of eyebrow mascara products on the market:

Tinted Brow Gel

Adds pigment and holds brows in place. Good for those with full natural brows.

Brow Fiber Gel

Contains tiny fibers that bond to hairs, adding fullness and length. Best for sparse brows.

Brow Pomade

A thicker formula that can be used to draw on individual hairs or shape brows. Offers the most pigment but is harder to blend.

Brow Pencil

A fine tip allows precise application for hairlike strokes. More long-wearing than liquid or creams.

Brow Pen

A liquid gel formula was applied using a thin felt tip. Great for control and adds color with a dewy finish.

When Should You Use Brow Mascara?

  • Brow mascara is ideal for everyday use to groom and define brows. The lightweight formula conditions hairs while shaping eyebrows.
  • It’s perfect for filling in sparse or thin areas without a heavy makeup look. Brow mascara naturally gives fullness and structure.
  • On low makeup days, brow mascara alone helps frame your face without much other product.
  • Before an event when you want brows to last through photos and meals without touch-ups, brow mascara provides long-wear coloring and hold.
  • If your brows are already full, tinted brow gel is all you need to enhance their natural shape without extra product buildup.
  • Brow pomade or pencil works best for achieving dramatic arches or when your natural brows have large gaps that need filling in.
  • In the summer when you want light makeup that won’t melt off, brow mascara is a great humid weather option.

How To Apply Eyebrow Mascara: 4 Tips

Here are some techniques for flawless brow mascara application:

Tip 1: Fill In Sparse Areas First

Focus on the front and tail areas of brows where hairs are usually more sparse. Apply short hairlike strokes using a pencil or brow pen.

Tip 2: Use Light, Even Pressure

Brush brow mascara through using feathery, hairlike strokes of the wand. Apply light pressure so the formula glides onto brows smoothly without over-application.

Tip 3: Brush According To Your Preferences

For naturally full brows that just need grooming, gently brush the brow mascara through hairs. To add density, brush upwards and outwards in the direction brow hairs grow.

Tip 4: Let The Product Set Between Coats

Use one light coat at first then let it set for a few minutes before adding a second coat if needed. Letting it dry fully prevents smudging or uneven color.

How to Use Tinted Brow Mascara: Top Tips, Revealed

Using tinted brow mascara takes some practice to get just the right shade and fullness. Here are some expert tips:

  • Start with a shade slightly lighter than your natural brow color for a natural shadow effect. Go darker if you want stronger, bolder brows.
  • Hold them at a 30-degree angle and brush brows upward and outward in the direction hairs grow for fluffiness.
  • Apply in hairlike strokes along the bottom of the brow tail first for shaping, then brush through the arch and front.
  • Use light, feathery strokes and build color gradually until it looks blended in with your brows. Don’t rush thick application.
  • Blend any excess mascara left on the onto your brows for added coverage and hold.
  • Tinted brow gel is buildable, so apply light layers waiting a few minutes between to blend each coat seamlessly.
  • For increased fullness, apply a second coat allowing the first layer to dry fully first to prevent transfer or smudging.
  • Set brows with a clear brow gel for all-day hold and to conceal any sparse patches the mascara may have missed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brow gel like mascara?

While brow gel and mascara have similarities, they are formulated differently for their intended uses. Brow gel has a lightweight, conditioning texture to groom brows without crunching hairs. Mascara is thicker with different ingredients to lift and curl eyelashes dramatically.

Is eyebrow mascara the same as eyelash mascara?

No, eyebrow mascara is specifically formulated for brows. It has a serum-like texture versus the thicker wand of eyelash mascara. Brow mascara is also available in shades to match hair color rather than pure black.

Can you use Anastasia brow gel on eyelashes?

It’s not recommended to use Anastasia brow gel on eyelashes as its formula is tailored for brows. Brow gel textures are thinner and lack lash-coating polymers in mascara. It likely won’t hold a curl or provide the same fullness as an eyelash-specific mascara.

Can you use benefit brow gel on eyelashes?

While some people have used Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter clear gel on lashes in a pinch, its conditioning formula is meant for brows only. It won’t give your lashes dramatic volume like a dedicated waterproof mascara would. Stick to lash versions for best results.

Final Thoughts

While mascara and brow gel may seem interchangeable, they each have formulations tailored specifically for eyelashes or eyebrows. Mascara uses waxes and polymers to give lashes dramatic curl and thickness, while the texture of brow gel conditions brows without tugging hairs.

Brow mascara is designed to enhance brows by adding both color and definition. It comes in various shades to match any brow tone and can be built up in layers for adjustable coverage and fullness. With practice, following the application tips, and using the appropriate product, you can achieve sculpted brows or lashes that frame your face perfectly.

Always assess your individual needs – full natural brows may only require a clear brow gel, while sparse areas benefit from fibers or pomades. In general, stick to using products intended for each area and avoid switching back and forth. With the right tools and techniques, grooming both brows and lashes doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing.

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