Lash extensions aim to give your lashes dramatic length and volume without the daily application of mascara. But mascara can be such a part of our beauty routines that it’s hard to give up. Have you ever wondered if you’re supposed to wear mascara with lash extensions? This is a common question, as lash extensions aim to enhance your natural lashes but mascara is a go-to for many. Let’s take a look at what happens if you do put mascara on extensions and the general guidelines. First, it’s important to understand how lash extensions work. Individual synthetic lashes are attached one by one onto your natural lashes, lasting 2-6 weeks before needing replacement or fill-in. This bonding process requires the natural lash to remain undisrupted. Meanwhile, mascara works by coating lashes in a pigmented formula to darken and thicken appearance.

If applied incorrectly or in excessive amounts, mascara runs the risk of disrupting the bonding between natural lash and extension. As the mascara dries, it can pull lashes straight which breaks the seal. It’s also easy for mascara wand bristles to snag or tug on delicate extensions during application. Over time, this repetitive snagging and disruption causes extensions to prematurely fall out, leaving you with sparse lashes 2 weeks into your set. There are also issues with getting mascara residue buildup on extensions. Just like natural lashes, extensions can become coated, clumped, and weighed down by layers of mascara over time.