Here are the key steps to remove tubing mascara: – Wet your lashes and eyelids with warm water. You can use your fingers or soak a cotton pad/ball in warm water. – Gently massage your lashes and eyelids. Rub your wet fingers gently along the lash line or hold the soaked cotton pad against your eyelids for 30 seconds. – This helps loosen the tubing mascara formula from your lashes. The heat from your skin and water causes the tiny plastic-like tubes to dissolve. – Rinse away any loosened tubes with more warm water. You may need to gently wipe with a cotton pad if remnants remain. – Avoid harsh rubbing or pulling which could damage delicate lashes. Go slowly with a light touch.

Tube mascara, also known as tubing mascara, is a unique type of waterproof mascara formulation that goes on the lashes as small plastic-like tubes rather than a traditional wet formula. When the tubes are applied to lashes, they coil around each lash to magnify and extend their appearance.

The easiest and gentlest way to remove tubing mascara is with warm water. Simply wet your lashes and eyelids, then gently remove any loosened tubes with a cotton pad or ball. No harsh rubbing is needed. Tubing mascara usually breaks down within a minute into tiny black tubes that wash away.