Have you ever had a lash lift and wondered how it would affect your mascara routine? Lash lifts provide beautifully curled, wide-eyed appeal but require some adjustments to mascara use to keep those lashes lifted for longer. We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of mascara application after a lash lift treatment. From when it’s safe to start wearing mascara again to tips for choosing the right formula, application techniques, and maintaining the longevity of results. Whether you’re booking your first lift soon or have been religiously maintaining yours for a while, you find helpful answers and strategies within. By keeping lift-friendly mascara habits, we can all enjoy seamless makeup routines and perky, curled lashes that last. Let’s get started exploring ways to work mascara magic on lifted lashes.

When you get a lash lift, allow your lifted lashes time to set before applying mascara. Immediately following your appointment, it’s best to avoid all lash products for 24 hours as the treatment solution works its magic and curls your lashes into an upward sweep. After one day, it’s generally fine to start using mascara again. However, be very gentle when applying it. Look for a soft, low-impact formula that won’t weigh down your lifted lashes or cause them to droop. Curler-based mascaras tend to work well. Mascaras labeled as “curling” is also a good post-lift option.