Can You Use Mascara After a Lash Lift?

Have you ever had a lash lift and wondered how it would affect your mascara routine? Lash lifts provide beautifully curled, wide-eyed appeal but require some adjustments to mascara use to keep those lashes lifted for longer.

We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of mascara application after a lash lift treatment. From when it’s safe to start wearing mascara again to tips for choosing the right formula, application techniques, and maintaining the longevity of results.

Whether you’re booking your first lift soon or have been religiously maintaining yours for a while, you find helpful answers and strategies within. By keeping lift-friendly mascara habits, we can all enjoy seamless makeup routines and perky, curled lashes that last. Let’s get started exploring ways to work mascara magic on lifted lashes.

Can I use mascara after a lash lift?

When you get a lash lift, allow your lifted lashes time to set before applying mascara. Immediately following your appointment, it’s best to avoid all lash products for 24 hours as the treatment solution works its magic and curls your lashes into an upward sweep.

After one day, it’s generally fine to start using mascara again. However, be very gentle when applying it. Look for a soft, low-impact formula that won’t weigh down your lifted lashes or cause them to droop. Curler-based mascaras tend to work well. Mascaras labeled as “curling” is also a good post-lift option.

Can you use mascara after a lash lift and tint?

The same rules apply whether you get just a lash lift or the lift combined with a tint. After 24 hours, mascara is typically okay to use. Lightweight, non-clumping formulas are best so they don’t interfere with the treatment effects. Be gentle when sweeping it on and be sure to avoid excessively rubbing or brushing your lashes, which could cause them to lose their shape over time.

When can I use mascara after a lash lift?

It’s best to refrain from all lash products for 24 hours following a lash lift to allow the treatment to fully take effect. After one day, the mascara application is fine. Start with a small amount and light touches of the brush to avoid disrupting the lifted look. Continue being gentle with your lashes for 1-2 weeks as they adjust to their new curled position.

With a lash lift, which mascara should you use?

For mascara after a lash lift, opt for a lightweight, conditioning formula. Some good options include:

  • Lancôme HYPNÔSE Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara: Known for its volumizing fibers and conditioning ingredients like vitamin B5 and almond oil extract.
  • MAC False Lashes Mascara: Enhances length and provides curl with a flexible brush and vitamin E-rich formula.
  • Clinique Lash Power Mascara: Lengthens and separates lashes without heaviness, clumping, or flaking.
  • Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: Tames and defines lashes without stiffness.
  • Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara: Inexpensive drugstore mascara that adds volume and lift.

What are other ways to make my lash lifts last longer?

A few tips for extending the lifespan of your lash lift:

  • Avoid getting lashes wet for 24 hours, then try to keep them dry when possible by using waterproof mascara or lash serums.
  • Be gentle when brushing, curling, or applying mascara. Aggressive rubbing can cause lashes to lose their lifted shape more quickly.
  • Consider a lash tint with your lifts. The pigment helps lifted lashes stay visible for longer between salon visits.
  • Get a refresher fill-in every 2-4 weeks as natural lash growth cycles occur. This helps maintain the lifted look.

Mascara after lash lift and extensions

For false lashes like extensions in addition to lifts, look for mascaras labeled as “extension-friendly” or “orthonormal.” They have specially developed components and ingredients that won’t stick to or pull out your fake lashes. Some good extension-safe mascara brands include Blinc, LashFood, and KISS. Apply with extra-light touches near the lash line.

Mascara BrandTypeBest For
LashFoodConditioningLifts or extensions
KISSElongatingLifts or short extensions

Mascara tips & tricks for after lash lift & extensions

  • Start with clean lashes and allow the mascara to dry completely before blinking to avoid smudging.
  • Apply 1-2 thin coats maximum for a natural look that won’t weigh down lashes.
  • Use a small, slanted brush that allows for precise application at the roots.
  • Curl lashes after applying mascara to reinforce the lifted shape.
  • Remove mascara thoroughly with micellar water or oil-based cleanser before bedtime.

How to choose which mascara to apply

There are a few factors to consider when selecting mascara for lifted lashes:

  • Formula: Look for lightweight, conditioning types versus thick, intense formulas.
  • Brush: Opt for small, slanted brushes for control rather than big, dense brushes.
  • Finish: Demi-wet or dry finishes tend to clump less than extra-wet mascaras.
  • Purpose: Volumizing mascara if lashes are sparse, lengthening if they’re short.

Start by testing small samples before committing to a full-size product. Pay attention to how mascaras make your lashes feel afterward.

Mascara application tips following a lash lift or extensions

  • Work in small sections and wiggle the wand at the root of each lash versus sweeping through all at once
  • Apply only 1-2 thin coats for a natural look instead of layers that can weigh lashes down
  • Allow mascara to dry fully between coats to avoid clumps or flakes forming
  • Gently sweep a clean spoolie through finished lashes to separate any clinging together
  • Curl with a heated lash curler after mascara dries to reinforce the lifted appearance

Take key points about using mascara after a lash lift

The main points about mascara use following a lash lift include:

  • Avoid all products for 24 hours post-lift for the treatment to work
  • After 1 day, use a lightweight, conditioning mascara carefully applied
  • Look for “curling” formulas that won’t weigh lashes down
  • Be gentle – don’t rub or brush lashes excessively
  • Consider reinforcement lifts every 2-4 weeks as lashes cycle
  • Remove all makeup thoroughly before bed each night

With the right mascara and application technique, lashes can stay beautifully lifted longer between salon visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does mascara ruin your lashes?

In moderation with a quality formula suited for your lash type, mascara alone typically doesn’t cause damage. Issues may arise from excessively tight lining roots, harsh rubbing, or using thick formulas long-term that could dry lashes out. For lifted lashes, go even lighter on mascara to preserve the shape.

Can I wear mascara before my lash lift?

It’s best to have clean, product-free lashes when getting a lift treatment. Mascara residues on lashes can interfere with the lifting solution or tint chemicals. Remove all make-up beforehand or ask your lash stylist for a professional lash cleaning.

What mascara is best after the lash lift?

lightweight, non-clumping formulas that won’t weigh lashes down work well. Some popular options include MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise, and Benefit They’re Real! Mascara is applied with a soft brush and gentle touches.

Final Thoughts

With the right mascara and technique, you can complement your lash lifts while still enjoying makeup application. The key is going lighter than you may be used to with a conditioning, non-clingy formula and focusing on precise application at the roots of lashes. Give your lashes a day to recover before introducing any new products or brushing.

Over time, you’ll learn which mascaras play best with your natural lash texture. Be sure to remove all makeup thoroughly before bed for ultimate lash health too. By gently emphasizing your lifted look, mascara can help extend the time between needing lash lift refreshers.

This overview has answered any questions about using mascara safely after getting lashes lifted. Taking proper precautions and being delicate is so worthwhile for maintaining stunning curled lashes day after day. Enjoy flaunting your best eyes yet with boosted volume and lift, thanks to these simple strategies.

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